Silver Rings

A questing man with camera came, And Kashmir maiden fled in shame, Her heartbeats quickening in her haste, Her twinkling bare feet keeping pace. 

Then, feeling safe from distant arms, She, woman-like, did feel her charms And courage, held in tight-gripped palm, Yet cowardly with smiling calm, She slowly, fawn like, came again, And gave him face and form and name.

Tom Ashley Lakeman (1899-1982) from 'Of Hills' (1943)

Major Tom Lakeman MBE was born in Modbury, Devon and served in British Army in Royal Tank Corps. He was married to the British tennis player Joan Craddock Fry (1906-1985) at Trinity Church Brompton in 1930; Fry was a finalist at the 1925 Wimbledon Championship.  He served in Wazirstan (1921-24) and North West Frontier (1936-37) and was honoured with Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (GCIE) in 1933.
His book, *Of Hills, is about his travel experiences, during the World War II era, in the Himalayan terrain; it is in form of verses with beautifully captured photographs of the area and the people living in Northern India including Kashmir.

*A copy of the first edition of the book is for display at Paisley's Emporium & Art Gallery Cheshire. 


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