What is Pashmina?

Are there different types of Pashmina?

Which Pashmina for me?

What is Pashmina?
Pashmina is an extremely fine and soft type of wool. The name comes from“Pashm” meaning wool and literally translates to "Soft Gold" in Kashmiri. Pashmina wool is obtained from combing the soft downy undercoat of the Himalayan Changthangi mountain goat Capra Hircus. The Changthangi ,"'Changra"'or Pashmina goats live at altitudes above 4000 metres high, inhabiting the plateaus of Tibet, Nepal and Ladakh.

Are there different types of Pashmina?
In Europe and North America, any piece of fabric in the dimensions of (and suitable as) a stole or a shawl is termed as 'pashmina'. Hence, the shops are flooded with these products. At Paisley's we refer to Pashmina as a stole, wrap, scarf or shawl made from 100% of the special wool. Pashmina-Silk is made of 70% Pashmina wool and 30% pure silk.

Cashmere and Pashmina?
One distinct difference between Pashmina and generic Cashmere is the fibre diameter. Pashmina fibres are finer and thinner (10-15 microns) and softer than generic Cashmere fibre (15-19 microns). Pashmina is extremely hard to spin because it is so fine and therefore hand spun.

Which Pashmina for me?

Choosing the material type
  • Paisley's Deluxe Pashmina is made from finest wool and available is in 20 colours
  • Paisley's Premier Pashmina is made from Pashmina wool and there is a choice of all-pashmina (100%) or pashmina -silk (in 7:3 ratio).
  • Paisley's scarves are made from Paisley's Premier, Paisley's Handloom Pashmina and Paisley's Silk
  • Paisley's Handloom stoles shawls and scarves are made from 100% Pashmina and the whole processing is done by hand and is woven on a handloom
  • Embroidered and printed Pashmina stoles and shawls incorporate needle-work or hand print design.
Which pashmina is the warmest?
  • Pashmina Premier, Deluxe and Handloom are the luxuriously warm
Which pashmina is suitable for summer?
  • Paisley's Pashmina can be used in all weather conditions, Premier Pashmina, Pashmina-Silk and Handloom are popularly used in summe
  • Single-ply pashmina are thinner and lighter in weight (not recommended/sold by Paisley's)
Which Pashmina can I afford (Cost rating of Paisley's Pashmina)?

i. Paisleys Deluxe stole (£25-£45)
ii. Paisleys Silk Pashmina stole(£45-75 )
iii. Paisleys Premier Pashmina stole(£75-90)
iv. Paisley's Handloom Pashmina stole (£110-150)
v. Paisley's Wedding Shawls (Size 78 X 56 inches)
  • Deluxe £ 65
  • Premier £125
  • Handloom £ 200
vi. The cost of an embroidered Pashmina is governed by the pashmina size (scarf/stole/shawl), pashmina type (Deluxe/Premier/Handloom) and the extent of the embroidery work in the pashmina.
  • Paisley's Deluxe stole with light embroidery (£ 65- 125)
  • Paisley's Premier stole with light embroidery (£ 125-175)
  • Paisley's Handloom stole with light embroidery (£ 225-300)

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